Planning Meeting - Hampden County Public Health Forum

Monday, June 16, 2014 - 1:00pm

 Meeting Notice

Hampden County Public Health Forum
Planning Committee

Monday, June 16, 2014 - 1:00pm

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
60 Congress Street, Springfield, MA
2nd Floor, Large Conference Room

A planning committee has been established and meeting monthly to plan Hampden County's first ever Public Health Forum. The goal of this forum is to convene state and local officials, public health professionals, community health workers and other partners that play a vital role in local health initiatives to shed light on the issues that contribute to Hampden County’s poor health ranking in the state and to work together to improve health outcomes.  According to the County Health Rankings, Hampden County ranks the lowest of the 14 counties in the Commonwealth, with respect to health and health outcomes.  This includes having the highest rates of smoking, adult obesity, excessive drinking, motor vehicle crash fatalities, sexually transmitted infections, and teen birth rate. All of these health conditions are constituent members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s ‘Winnable Battles’. 

This forum will convene players who are working to address these public health issues, as well as other community stakeholders, to learn about current local public health initiatives and their importance, and to advance our collective efforts to improve health in Hampden County.

Next planning committee meeting is scheduled for June 16 at 1pm at the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission located at 60 Congress Street in Springfield, MA.

A G E N D A                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  1. Review draft invitation letter and guest list
  2. Review draft schedule for forum
  3. Update on Venue and Food
  4. Confirm Topics for Breakout Sessions
  5. Other

Duration - 90 minutes

ROSTER of members on Planning Committee:

  • Aaron Vega - State Representative of Holyoke
  • Helen Arnold RN, MS, Director of Community Benefit and Oncology - Holyoke Medical Center
  • Jeanne Galloway, Director of Public Health, West Springfield
  • Dora Robinson, Executive Director of United Way Pioneer Valley
  • Frank Robinson, PhD, Executive Director - Partners for a Healthier Community, Inc
  • Jessica Collins, Director of Special Initiatives, PHC Baystate Health
  • Angela Kramer, RN - Shared Public Health Nurse for Hampden County local municipalities
  • Annamarie Golden - Office of Government & Community Relations Project Manager, Baystate Health
  • Risa Silverman - Office of Public Health Practice & Outreach & Adjunct Faculty, Division of Community Health Studies School of Public Health and Health Sciences, UMASS
  • Soloe Dennis - Western Mass Regional Director of Public Health, DPH
  • Catherine Ratte - Principal Planner, PVPC
  • Nikki Nixon - HCHC Emergency Preparedness Coordinator , PVPC
  • Joshua A. Garcia - Municipal Services Coordinator, PVPC
  • Wanda L. Givens - Director, Mason Square Health Task Force
  • Ben Wood, MPH - Healthy Community Design Coordinator, Division of Prevention and Wellness, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Olivia Peters, RN - Western Region Coordinator - Refugee and Immigrant Health Program, Dept. of Public Health Western Regional Health Office
  • Bettye Anderson-Frederic - Deputy Director of Department of Health and Human Services, Springfield